Math 101.

Okay, I just need to get this off my chest.

If Rufus and Lily have a love child, that’s going to totally screw things up. Think about it:

Lily has a husband(s) and two kids.
Rufus has wife and two kids.
(Spouses are [in]explicably removed.)
Lily and Rufus have a [previous-to-marriage(s)] kid.

2 kids + 2 kids + new kid = all siblings.

True, the members of Derena are not (no longer?) technically related. True, there is no blood shared. But still. It’s weird. It’s like, reverse incest. Or something.

And, therefore, all hope is lost.


One thought on “Math 101.

  1. Ho #2 you really should write on this more, it warms my heart. I love you. I agree I am always on team Derena and I completely appreciate this post. You are fabulous. Lots of love. Let's meet up soon, please. XOXO Ho #1

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