Reading is fun.

Public speaking? Not so much.

However, we at Beacon Hill Press would like to convince you otherwise. And we shall do this by teaching you the fine art of combining the two activities into one refreshing, enjoyable, and insightful Hobby I Love So Much I Might Be Obsessed:

Reading about public speaking.

It’s quite simple, really. Here’s the how-to: Read The Inspirational Speaker’s Resource, written by Inspirational Speaking Expert Dr. Stan Toler. (For you curious and take-Emily-serious folk, the book isn’t due off the press until May 15, 2009.)

And, because you’re all just dying to know what this best-seller is all about, here’s the back cover, written by yours truly:

You stand at the front of the room with a microphone in your hand. Your forehead has already begun perspiring in the ten seconds–has it really only been ten seconds?–you’ve been standing there.

You know your speech word for word, and the note cards in your pocket promise a rescue, should your memory fail you.

The room is quiet. Too quiet. Someone drops a pen. It hits the ground with a clap, almost like thunder.

I can’t talk in front of these people, you think. I’m not prepared. I’ll never get through this.

But you have to get through it. Your success depends on it.

Whether you are battling stage fright or are looking for material to enhance your presentations, The Inspirational Speaker’s Resource is an invaluable tool for achieving public-speaking success. In it, Stan Toler shares proven methods and tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and convey your ideas clearly and persuasively. By providing entertaining stories, inspirational quotes, top 10 lists, and more, this resource will help you create humorous, witty, and memorable speeches for conquering those moments when you hold a microphone.

So. Click on over to and preorder yours. Right. Now.


2 thoughts on “Reading is fun.

  1. Love it…I mean I hate public speaking. But I love your back cover.since you've read the book now, maybe you can give rachel and I an impromptu speech (about gilmore girls) over dinner soon :)rachel will love it, and i'll be the cynical audience member.

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