This Week in Free Stuff

Well, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Curious Craigslist Free Finds of the Week.

Our top choices for this week are as follows:

  • ESD bags. Twenty-five of them in various shapes and sizes. Most are ideal for RAM and processors. Some are used; some new; some like new. Some come with pinholes so they may in fact be unusable. It seems he quit his job working in the black market and is now selling the remainders of his previous occupation as a computer-parts salesman.
  • Title of post: “free coupons.” Body of post: “i have 2 75 cent off any camel pack of cigarettes and one coupon of caml snus contact me thru email and let me know if you would like to pick them up tonight thanks.” Good thing I don’t smoke Camels, because I so would have wasted 75 cents in gas just getting to the dude’s house to get the coupon. Yes, I’m that much of a coupon-holic.
  • Title of post: “Free baby/toddler coupons.” Now. Let’s just pause for a moment. I read “free baby.” I had a heart attack. But then I opened the post. She’s giving away coupons for baby and toddler products. Am I the only one who nearly dialed Child Protective Services before reading the entirety of this post? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • This week’s crafty award goes to the giver of knitted bracelets. They are about one inch in diameter, and made of brightly colored yarn. These will go nicely with your outfits for your office’s 80s Throwback Thursdays that I know you love to attend.

Other free items to note:

  • Church pews. Newly painted in a lovely shade of cream. They need to be gone by tonight.
  • Tons of moving boxes. Now this is a deal! (Seriously!–Do you know how expensive these can be if you are forced to purchase them?)
  • Cage Fight tickets. Two different offers. I. Have. No. Words. These people must be avid followers of Michael Vick.
  • Dirt. Still got lots of dirt. Somebody! Please! Take this already!
  • The mayor’s Christmas tree is still up for grabs. Any takers this week?
  • A single tire.
  • A nest of honeybees. Come get ’em. Please.
  • Horse manure. But only if it’s used for gardening. Clearly, the owner has buy-back rights should you use it elsewhere.
  • Several trees. They’re all dead. Bring your own saw and your own truck.
  • Empty wine bottles.
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper. Anybody else think of “Friends” when you read this? You know, the one where Monica and Chandler are packing for their big move. Joey wraps his head in bubble wrap and is the punching bag for Ross and Chandler. And then he stuffs his pants with paper and is the punching bag for Phoebe. Ah, such a good episode. Such a good show.
  • Hamster cages. There are two. The owner is pretty sure all the pieces are there. Don’t let his seeming uncertainty of the complete package dismay you! You know you’ve wanted a pet hamster (or several) since you were a wee tot.

OK, that’s all for today. Hope you found Something You Just Must Have Right Now. Go! Retrieve and be glad! Happy hunting!

Ciao for now,
Em Gee.


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