This Week in Free Stuff

OK. So. I’ll get right to it since you’re all waiting with great anticipation for the next great finds.
First, the Grand Treasures:
  • Doors. Interior doors, to be specific. There are four. “You will need to persuade three of them off the hinges,” says the giver. “The other will cooperate willingly.” Who wouldn’t want these–they come complete with personality.
  • A Sonicare tooth brush. It’s two years old, but has been used very little. I can’t even begin to tell you how high my germaphobe radar shot. Dis.Gust.Ing.
  • A working microwave; and non-working refrigerator. That’s like a brand new kitchen. As long as you forget needing it to be completely operable, that is.
  • There’s an old water heater on the curb at 65th and Charles. “I got a guy coming sunday to get it,” the post reads. “But if you beat him to the punch, well then, congrats to you!” The post continues: “Don’t knock or call or respond. Just get your lil tush over and snatch it all up.” Here’s my question: what are you going to say to the guy when he beats down your door on Sunday because the water heater is no longer waiting on the curb for him?
And, in the Supplies You May Need During The Winter And/Or Bad Economy category:
  • Brush, bricks, concrete, and leaves
  • Firewood
  • Moving boxes (some even come with the packing material!)
  • Scrapmetal
  • Walnuts! Yep, these are so still up for grabs. And in some cases, the walnut trees are also available for the taking.
That’s it for this week. And, while I contemplate taking the water heater from the curb and video-taping the other guy’s reaction, do tell me: anything good in your town?

One thought on “This Week in Free Stuff

  1. You are so cute.My only complaint about Craigslist is its limitations re: cities. There is no category for Kankakee; therefore, I am left looking at the Chicago area, which is HUGE. I may not want to drive 2 hours north to get, say, some firewood or a used refrigerator, but I'd go across town. Ya know?I like these posts, btw.

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