Last Week in Free Stuff, Part 1

I missed last week’s free stuff posting. Oh the wonders of a career woman. Anyway. Here goes. Enjoy to your heart’s content.

  • A china cabinet. It looks to be very nice and in good condition. I was about to e-mail the giver inquiring about its condition (Not that I have anywhere to put it or a vehicle to transport it, but those are just small details that one really musn’t think about in times like these. Duh.) when I noticed the freak flag flying about: “Already given away.” Well lady, whydon’tyoutakethepostoffline? Duh. Honestly.
  • Two storm window panes. These are just the panes. Read: two free pieces of glass. Measurements are included for the interested parties.
  • Remember the microwave and refrigerator from the last post? Now we have the stove to complete your new kitchen.
  • A plastic grocery bag (score number 1!) containing 50 telephone wires of varying lengths (score number 2!). It’s a two-for-one! What a steal! You can’t beat this deal, especially in this economy. I expect a high influx of e-mails in that giver’s inbox.
  • Free. Mobile home. Free. 14 x 70. Free. The post reads: “Home needs some tender loving care. Would make a nice lake home. Needs furnace and hot water heater and carpet. Has new siding on outside. Has a shed too if interested.” Holy Two-For-One Day Batman! It must be that time of year. The post continues, “Home must be moved out of park because we want to use the lot for another home.” So, here’s my question: Are you getting rid of your first or [second, vacation, summer, etc.] home? Because, if this is your only home, where are you going to live in the meantime?
  • A blow-up lion. Quote: “It is one of those blow up things that you hit and it comes back at you.” I’m just gonna leave it at that. No response necessary.
And, since flu (and other clingy illnesses) season is upon us, here’s an update from the Wish We Had That Medicine Right Now category:
  • Pepto Bismol. It’s unopened; no worries there.
  • A juicer. Oranges not included. But, don’t let this disuade you: if you’re sick, you need vita-C. It’s a no-brainer, really. Go buy the oranges and you’re set.
  • In case you need somewhere to store your newly updated medicine collection, we also have a medicine cabinet for free this week. Now you’re ready to punch those pains (pukes?) in the face.
  • Also, for those who just can’t make it to the real hospital, there’s a hospital bed for free. The on-call nurse gave her two-weeks notice three months ago, so I don’t think she comes with the gig.
That’s all for last week. Hope you find (found?) some treasures!

Em Gee.


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