This Week in Free Stuff

It’s that time of the week again. Here are this week’s greatest finds:

  • So, in continuing with our kitchen redo theme from last week and the week before, there is a two-year-old refrigerator on a curb in a neighborhood in a suburb. You must text the owner if you want it. Read: anyone over the age of 35 is quite possibly not in this market.
  • Sparkle boots. They’re pink. This post is so great I’ve included a picture.

  • Home improvement supplies: paint, blinds, tile, vanity lights. This is a bathroom waiting to happen folks. Christine, interested?
  • Free piano. The title of the post says it works good; but, upon reading the rest of the post, you will find that some keys don’t work. This person clearly didn’t get an A during continuity week in story writing class.
  • The past few weeks we’ve had free dirt. This week, however, we’re going to shake it up a bit: someone is offering a free place to dump the dirt. How clever. You people are always keeping us on our toes with surprises just like these.
  • In keeping with the outdoors theme, two people are giving away manure and shrubbery. Get this stuff while it’s hot folks; your gardens’ aesthetic appeal will appreciate you come April.
  • Big Ol’ Tractor Tire. I don’t know if I’m more interested in why there’s only one, where its companion is, or the owner’s accent. Mmm, I love living in Missouri.
  • The post title: “free rubicks cube.” The body of the post: “need I say more?” Bloody, bloody brilliant. A giver after my own heart. (Or attitude?)

This week, we’re exploring the Furniture You Threw Out But I Will Find Genius Use Out Of It category:

  • A chair. The owner says it’s for the living room, but between you and me, I think you could use it anywhere. That being said, however, it needs a lot of work. Like, a complete redo. For tips, how-tos, pictures, etc., browse the Before and After section at Design Sponge. They have some major eye candy you’ll want in your house.
  • An old couch from a barn. And, two small area rugs. All from the same owner. This is the start of a great living room, folks. Make the call!
  • A dining room table and six chairs. They need a lot of work. Oh, and the chairs don’t match: three are of one set, and three are of another. But, you could play various versions of musical chairs with this find and be happy forever.
  • A footboard. (For a bed.) It’s white, and twin-sized. Note: headboard, bedframe, and mattress set not included. Sweet dreams.
  • Oh, wait! Someone is giving away a twin-sized box spring. It’s in good shape, but has some stains. This is a step closer to the completely new bed! But, this should scream red flag to you. Like, that’s gross, really. Seriously. Gross.
  • A metal office desk. They probably stole it from a local elementary school and then failed to sell it on the black market. (It didn’t come complete with cocaine taped to the bottom of drawer number two.)

Lots of great stuff this week. See anything here you want? Anything good in your own town?

PS, since we explored the trash-hunting category today, it’s time to plug the queen of said activity: Christine. She’s an expert. (Read this article.)

Happy hunting! Let me know what you find!

Ciao for now,
Em Gee.


One thought on “This Week in Free Stuff

  1. some of those things like the table and chair and other furniture besides the box spring sound like good bargens. but then i bet they are torn up to.the rubix cube is cute to get free and good for a christmas present. the other stuff i think was a little funny

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