Category Revised and Expanded: Local Fowl and Small Rodents Aren’t My Friends.

Birds are no longer traveling solo on the stalking front. They have teamed up with other small yet just-as-creepy adventurers: rodents. Specifically, mice of some sort.

Here’s a briefing of the situation:

One of the desk drawers in my home-away-from-home is devoted to my dietary needs. Meaning, it contains an organized array of tea packets, sugar packets, lotions, napkins, you get the idea, and . . . food. Now, I’m no food hoarder. The food is merely this: lifesavers and a small bag of M&Ms. Now that we’ve laid our cards out on the table and discovered Emily’s future cavities hang out in her desk drawer, let’s move on.

Today, I opened said desk drawer in search of my kleenexes. The package was nearing depletion, but that’s not what caught my attention. As I pulled a kleenex from the package, I noticed M&M crumbs fall to my lap. After digging around deeper in the drawer, I found many more crumbs and broken M&Ms that had fallen out of a ripped hole in the plastic bag. OK. No biggie. So I attend to the mess and go about my business.

But then.

I reached for my file folder labels, which are stored in the back half of the drawer in question. I looked down and found an interesting looking M&M shell. Read that again; read that closely. M&M shell. Picture this: a bowl of brownie mix that has been licked clean. There is still a tracing–and an obvious presence–of the brownies. This M&M shell had been licked clean of the chocolate center.

And then.

I cleared the drawer of it’s contents. There were small black crumbs. These were no crumbs, my friends. Mice. Droppings. In. My. Drawer. Hanging out with my file folder labels. And my lotions. And my lifesavers. Need I go on?

For the record, I cleansed my cubicle from all mice presence and food existence. And, everything has been sanitized about twenty-times over.

For the real record, add small rodents to my hit list.

Jenny Humphrey, please do your thing.


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