This Week in Free Stuff

Large sidenote to start off: I’m thinking of writing a Craigslist tutorial with basic grammar helps, sentence structure guidelines, and tips on finding and utilizing the spell check function on your average computer. Thoughts, questions, concerns? Let me know what you think. These Friday posts are about you, the consumer slash general public, after all.

But back to the topic at hand.

It’s Christmastime! And, since we’d all prefer to not empty our bank accounts and max out our credit cards during this should-be-out-of-style already economic situation, this month’s major focus will be quality, affordable [free] Christmas gifts.

  • Two pairs of boots. Sizes: 8R and 7W. Description: “US military mickey mouse boots, good condition.” (First, let’s note this: mickey mouse boots are really what these military boots are called; this is not a proclamation that these boots come decorated with Disney stickers.) Readers, please know this: I am only assuming there are two pairs of boots. The post actually says this: “Have one 8R and one 7W US military mickey mouse boots, good condition.” Though my thoughts here are screaming otherwise, I’m choosing to believe the offer is not for one pair of mismatched-sized boots.
  • A concrete patio. Well, not exactly. Someone is offering to pay you $20 to fill their concrete patio. I think. Maybe. See above tutorial need and just know that this post cannot be deciphered properly. Like, can’t be deciphered at all.
  • Plastic pots. Some of them hang. The owner notes that they need to be cleaned. Here’s this week’s two-for-one! Not only can you cultivate that garden you’ve always wanted, but you also get some dirt remnants. For FREE. It’s like multicultural dirt. How American.
  • Somebody put a New Moon poster on the curb. On the curb. What an idiot. I’m not even going to address this. Like, not at all. And no, this doesn’t count as a quality Christmas gift. Its value has now been forever discounted with this curbside pick-up.
  • Lots of beanie babies for grabs. These are making a comeback this year in the world of stocking stuffers and plush toys. Really. The 90s are coming back. Right now.

We have games on the market this week. Recreationally speaking, that is. The holidays are a time for gathering and enjoying each other’s company, so read up and hunt for your family’s needs.

  • A Foosball table. The post reads well, minus some spelling mistakes (again, see above need for the Craigslist tutorial). There’s even a picture included; but, the owner notes, this is not a picture of the actual table. It’s just an illustration, so to speak. I repeat: this is not the actual table. Can we assume the table is in comparable condition as said copied-and-pasted image from a merchant’s Web site? I think not.
  • A kid’s bike. For a boy, so says the post. It’s tiny, and the tires are flat. If I had tires, say, for an adult-sized bike, could I use them to replace the flats? What would this look like being ridden down the sidewalk? Any mental images come to your mind?
  • A barroom-sized topper for a pool table. It’s slate. And very heavy. But, there’s nothing wrong with it, so this should be a big sale. Or big freebie, I should say.
  • A tire. The owner notes it has been used, and should be utilized as a tire swing. I’m pretty sure he’s not threatening you with those instructions. But, you’re running a risk when you do as you will with this tire.

That’s it for this week. Lots of great stuff out there.

Also, I’m thinking of running a Craigslist special next week; you know, since it’s the holiday season and everything. What say you to a double feature: Kansas City’s and another city’s Craigslist offerings? I’m open to suggestions. . . . Readers: any particular city you’d like me to peruse?

And one more thing: I’ve got a $10 gift card to Starbucks and it can be yours. Search your town (or whatever town you wish) for the best Craigslist freebie, and then post it here in the comments by next Thursday, the 10th, at 10:00 p.m., CST. Next Friday, I will pick a winner at random, and you will receive said $10 gift card. You know you want it.

Happy hunting!

Ciao for now,
Em Gee.


4 thoughts on “This Week in Free Stuff

  1. Have you ever been to It's fairly fantastic.And I would vote you highlight Chicago.From Chicago, here are some good freebies from the last couple days:-a flat-faced dog-in-a-Santa-hat candle ( toilet paper dispenser ("Free couch! Perfect for DePaul frat boys!" It says it's been through hell and back, which makes me think this couch has stories to tell. ( my personal favorite, "Free Stuff in a Box," which includes "baby stuff" and a "big cotton sofa." All I can think is, "How big is this box??" ( to searching through Chicago's freebies, I just found someone in Kankakee with lots of curbside baby stuff! Huzzah!

  2. I'm thinking there needs to be one from a city like Las Vegas. I mean seriously? How fabulous could their crap be? Or maybe San Francisco? Or? Gasp! Somewhere in Arkansas!

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