Last Week in Free Stuff, Part 1

OK, folks. Here we are at the Greatest Free Stuff Posting Of All Time. Well, except for future postings; I can’t speak of those.
In the meantime, however, I promised a double-feature, in the spirit of happy holidaying, of course. In this part one of a two-part segment, we have the usual: Kansas City’s free-est findings.
Let’s get to it.
  • 15 gallons of used motor oil. It’s clean. It’s used. It’s waste oil. First come, first serve. So why aren’t their phones ringing off the hook?? Hmm.
  • Note: The following post deserves nothing less than to be copied in its complete form, sans the owner’s address. It goes as follows: “If u can beat the Salvation Army u can have it , DONT LEAVE A MESS , IF U TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOXES & DONT WANT IT , PUT IT BACK….There is a ton of good items well worth coming to look at……..There is more in the shed in the back yard ,small fridge, microwave , christmas stuff & much much more. If u knock on the front door 2 let me know u r here I will let you go thrue the storage shed in back” Now, let’s note a couple things. First, I left off the period at the end because adding one would be editing the owner’s posting. AndIcan’tdothat. Second, I would be leery of anyone who will let a total stranger rummage through his shed BEFORE the Salvation Army gets the goods. Kind of odd behavior, if you ask me.
  • A desk. 6 ft. x 6 ft. You have to pick it up. Here’s a picture:
A question that boggles my mind: What kind of vehicle will transport said desk?
  • 3 bales of hay. You haul, of course. Omigosh, I was just telling my boss that I ran out last week but can’t afford to buy the next stock of hay. This owner is my own personal angel. Or watchdog. Or creep who listens to my thoughts.
  • Title of post: “utensils and shoes.” Body of post: “Shoes (size 8) are a little worn out but can be used for the snow. The utensils are a little old too.” I don’t know about you, but I have a few questions for this guy. Like, what kind of shoes are they? And what kind of utensils are they? Oh and um, how on earth can I contact you since you also noted not to e-mail you back?
  • A large, 1990s TV that doesn’t work. Note: the owner prefers you pick it up at a specific time on a specific day. But, he is willing to be flexible. Uh, yeah you better be flexible since you want someone to come haul away your junk of a TV that doesn’t work.
  • One particular woman decided to use her post as a rant. She’s not offering anything of value, but she is offering this thought: “Just because something is free doesn’t mean it has no value and doesn’t need to be picked up as committed. This is why people (myself included) dont post more free things – the headaches! If I put things on the porch to be picked up in an hour and they sit there for 3 days thats unacceptable!” Many thoughts abound. But for the sake of your time, I’ll list just the one: Woman. You chose to post free things and hope that someone could meet your incredibly small time constraint. If that isn’t possible, don’t gripe. Toss and think of it no more. And then never waste my time with another one of your awful rants again. Mmmk, thanks.
And on that note, my lovely free-seeking friends, I’ll end part one of this greatly anticipated double-feature.
But do tell me, anything here in KC strike your fancy?
Until part two,
Em Gee.

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