Last Week in Free Stuff, Part 2

And now: part two of our freebie segment. The city of choice? Las Vegas. Yes, it’s true, we’re scouring the ins and outs of the give-away culture of Sin City itself.
Let’s see what we can find, shall we?
  • Free recyclables: cans, bottles, etc. The owner provides exact details of the whereabouts. Translation: when an owner provides address details that include the gate code to your gated neighborhood, it might make your neighbors upset. Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Like, ever.
  • Free STD Testing. Pause for reflection. Two hundred dollars worth of tests. Pause for more reflection. Signed, Community Outreach Medical Center. Pause for even further reflection as you (a.) give props to the center for wanting to help, and (b.) realize that of course Vegas medical centers offer free STD testing by the bulk.
  • Free motor home. This post is best left to the pictures for commentary. Please note picture number three. Also, good luck driving it home.
  • The title of this next post suggests there is a couch and TV needing a new home. The body of the post, however, reads more like a line from a murder mystery. A polite murder mystery, that is. Read it and tell me what you think: “For the person that arrived at this address and found a cell phone please contact me @ the email listed.”
And on that creepy note, this now ends last week’s free finds from our entertainment capital.
Also. To those who participated in the gift card contest and the double-feature city suggestions, thanks. And thanks for your loyal readership, too.
Until next time,
Em Gee.

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