Last Week in Free Stuff

Ha! I found some good deals on Craigslist this week. They.Are.Fabulous. Soherewegonow.
  • Two blades for Gillette Venus Divine razors. In their original packaging. Lady, it took you longer to write and set up this post than it would for you to dump them in the trash can. No one is going to spend the gas money to pick those up. Really. I promise.
  • Cadillac donut tire. Wheel is good; tire is bad. I repeat: tire is bad. So, for those of you in the market for a new spare, THIS IS NOT THE TIRE FOR YOU. Everyone else, feel free to contact this owner for your new and unable-to-be-used tire.
  • Very large man size recliner. Defects: the back of the recliner is always tilted halfway down, and the owner’s dog ripped the arms. But! It is comfortable and still useable. The owner is getting rid of it because its defects don’t match the rest of her furniture. To those who own defected furniture: this is for you.
  • Frozen vegetables from Fall 2009. They have been taken out of their original packaging and placed in freezer bags in measurements of two cups each. So many red flags. People, don’t call this person. Unless you represent the health department.
  • Four stalls of seasoned horse manure for the taking. Bet that smells real good.
And lastly, I leave you with this description and image:
  • Older model carseat. It’s passed its expiration date. See photo for style.
OK, that’s all for this week. Hope you found some good deals. Actually, I hope you don’t pursue any of these. Really. And if you need reasons for my making that statement, e-mail me your concerns. Really. I’d love to enlighten you.
Ciao for now,
Em Gee.

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