Beacon Hill Press (Plug Number 4)

There’s a movement going on about social justice, in case you haven’t noticed. The basic plot point is this: The world is hurting; let’s do something about it.

We at Beacon Hill Press have taken our cue. We’ve seen the Facebook groups, read the blogs, and tweeted the trending topics. We get it–social justice is a concern, and it’s time to pay attention. As a publisher, our most obvious move is to provide you, the wanting consumer, with the resources you need in your daily lives, especially when your need is to reach the hurting world. So we published a book on practicing social justice. And it’s really good.

Here’s the back cover:

The homeless roam the streets.

Entire neighborhoods lack basic nutrition and health care.

Human slavery, Christian persecution, and racial injustices plague home towns and entire countries.

It’s not that I don’t care; I just don’t know what to do, you think.

Images from the media leave us shaking our heads. We want to do something about the hurts of the world, but we aren’t sure what steps to take. In Mercy Rising, author Amber Robinson offers the tools women need to make the impact their hearts desire. Filled with helpful hints, inspired insights, and solid biblical wisdom, this organized resource will show you practical ways to find and focus on serving those who suffer.

With clever charm and earnest exploration, Mercy Rising will help even the busiest of women find the right place to spend meaningful moments practicing justice and compassion.

So. Ready to do something about your desire to help the hurting? Click on over to and order yours. Then tweet about it.

Cover design: Lindsey Rohner

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