The Great Debate

The following conversation was overheard in the office today:

Where would you rather live, Miami or Los Angeles?

Los Angeles.


Miami has alligators. Alligators are probably my biggest phobia. There’s something about having really short legs and moving at a fast pace. It just scares me; it’s so fast. And they look like logs, so you don’t know they’re there.

But here’s the thing: (a) you can outrun an alligator easily, (b) you can outrun an alligator by running in a straight line, (c) you can outrun an alligator by running in a zigzag, and (d) they don’t chase their prey.

Yes, but there’s always exceptions.

Uh huh. So many that since 1948, there have been only 356 attacks and only 25 deaths.

But still. I’m pretty sure that snakes evolved into alligators. I’m serious.

And if this reasoning hasn’t convinced you yet, let me offer this bit as well: It is Miami’s humidity that makes people choose Los Angeles. I think. Or maybe it’s the hope for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


One thought on “The Great Debate

  1. i wouldnt live in miami know florida has pythons and king cobras and black mambas going around there?yep they do.people have let there pets go and they thrive there cuse the humidity and there breeding.they have found 1 king cobra nest and 1 black momba nest and plently of pythons.yeah no way id live there.

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