Things I Learned Over the Past Two Weeks

So, my lovelies. A lot has happened lately. Here’s the recap.

  • This happened on the Eve of the Great Roadtrip: “I thought for sure your license was going to say you were born in the 90s.” I challenge you, dear readers, to do that math and imagine how happy that made me.
  • For those who live on the Plaza, you’ll be satisfied to know that the Plaza Public Safety employees had nothing better to do than chat with us while we loaded the moving truck. Rest assured in your safety, dear neighbors.
  • I arrived to my new home safely. The Great Roadtrip was fine, and we traveled without any harmful bumps or hurdles. There was, however, a detour to the Historic Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria, Kansas. It’s one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas. Check it out, peeps. It’s worth the drive.
  • If you desire to visit Lawrence, Kansas, you could dine at Freddy’s, where you’ll quickly learn to eat your fries with a fork and you’ll insist repeatedly that the employees put the lid back on the tea dispenser.
  • Mom can boast of a plethora of skills, one of which is bug repellent. Meaning, she spent a solid five minutes swatting at a fly that was circling Dad. While Dad was driving. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine I was on a ride at Six Flags.
  • Two days after arriving to my new beloved homeland, I visited every Goodwill in the greater metro area. Best purchase: a book for 12 cents. Oh how I heart Colorado.
  • Ashleigh is my cousin. She likes sushi and watching YouTube. And she reads while she hikes. She’s single, guys. 😉
  • There have been several wildlife sightings in the area, including–but not limited to–the buck that eats the apples next door and the other buck that frolics by the fence out back. There may or may not have been screams resembling a little girl. Those weren’t me, I solemnly swear. I can show you the dog as proof, if you wish.
  • Castlewood Canyon State Park has a monstrosity of mosquitos, 90 percent of which left their mark on my body.
  • Currently, I spend a lot of time feeling quite unmotivated to put down the book and leave the lounge chair that’s strategically placed in the garden. Oops?
  • There are far more exciting things to do than watch Clash of the Titans. Like, scrub the toilet or clean out the dryer’s lint trap.
  • Sophia Bush has guts that a lot of us only wish we had. Read her voice on global crises, living green, and companies who spend money promoting negative social concepts. And then go do something good for the world.
And, for proof of my current fab life relaxing in the mountains, here’s a charming pic of me and one of my new roommates, Weasley:
Hope you’re all doing well! Miss you, dear KC.

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