Gym Faux Pas

Today’s trip to the gym was an uneventful experience. (Which is quite unfortunate, given my current blah-state of existence.) But, I noticed a trend: for most of my 1.5-hour workout, there was a very obvious emptiness on the equipment surrounding me. Though patrons continued to filter in and use said equipment, they packed themselves onto the treadmills and ellipticals and whatnots that were far, far away from me–even forcing a workout on a machine right next to someone else.

For all you gym-goers, you know that gym patrons avoid working out right next to someone else unless there are no other available treadmills. So it should mean something to you if you see an old man in his ’80s workout gear struggling to maintain balance on an elliptical next to a young man in his trendy workout shorts beating the guts out of a treadmill. And then repeat. All while the treadmills and ellipticals within 20 yards of you remain empty.
And then, while you sweat and choke on your saliva and hope a good song comes on your iPod soon, you realize they must know you forgot deodorant and haven’t shaved your legs in a week and that’s why they refuse to workout near you.

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