Clearly I Need More Sleep

Saturday. The day of impending boredom freedom to tackle whatever I want (like skydiving and walking correctly and pottery glazing and learning to cook with the stove turned on) as long as I show up to work at noon with my cheeriest smile and warm little compliments.
And so, I jump out of bed feeling empowered to conquer one of the many aforementioned items on my to-do list. I sit at my desk, rubbing my eyes and sipping my pick-me-up coffee, hoping for some Internet amusements to occupy my morning.
And there it is. My Inbox. Bold with a new message. Bold, with this century’s version of AOL’s “You’ve got mail!” shouting at you when you sign in and have the volume control on an audible level.
Hip. Hip. Huzzah. I have a new message. I’d be giddy if I was awake. But, my heart barely skips half a beat. I just know it’s from that boy I walked by the other day whose eyes told me tales of romantic visits to castles in far-off lands and Christmases spent watching our little Susie play with her new dolls and retiring in Orange County (but we won’t have the next Seth Cohen because you can’t recreate that genius). I just know it’s from him. He got my e-mail address by osmosis, duh.
I quit day-dreaming and sip some more coffee and start toward this bold, new e-mail.
From: Fickle Cattle
Um, what? I scratch my eyes and gulp some more coffee, hoping a drink of much more emphasis will provide some clarity on what I just saw.
Again, I look.
From: Fickle Cattle
That boy with the telling eyes is suddenly walking toward a moving taxi. But then it’s not really him; that’s just Joe Black and we all know he lives happily ever after with Susan in her daddy’s great big house. And since my daydream suddenly became a remembrance of a top-five favorite film, I jolt with focus back to the screaming black text on my computer screen.
From: Fickle Cattle
Last time I checked, I never dabbled in the cattle industry or spent time learning the various milking breeds (except that one time I went to Mount Vernon), so someone must be playing a joke on me or Gmail’s spam filter needs some work. Right?
Fickle Cattle is the name of a blogger (not his given name, obvi.). Fickle Cattle found his way to my blog and left me a little comment.
Fickle Cattle, thanks so much for adding charm to my day.

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