Making Peace with Christmas Glee

So here’s the thing. Christmas is a happy time. The lights, the trees, and the carolers all inspire giggles and joy during these few weeks. Even the hush-hush commotion of getting a present wrapped before the intended receiver finds it is a moment of glee. So it would be fitting that a Christmas parade would welcome all the gushy feelings that this season brings.

Except sometimes it doesn’t. Because sometimes the parade gives you memories you don’t want.
  • Like when the Christmas clown gets too friendly with the children huddled in the front row.
  • Like when the homeless population see a few of their friends walking in the parade and decide to join forces and they become their own float.
  • Like when the local prostitutes start soliciting on the street corner where your family is trying to drink hot chocolate and sing along to the 50 marching bands.
  • Like when the kid in front of you talks too loud and his speech is slurred and you wonder if he’s drunk. But when you look him up and down, you realize you’re not sure if he’s a boy or a girl because apparently androgyny is back and brutal.
  • Like when you’re standing on a three-foot ledge and you realize the temperature has frozen your limbs to the point that all feeling has been drained and therefore, the only way down to street-level is falling backwards and hoping someone will catch you.
And so, thanks to this year’s Festival of Lights, my Christmas spirit has been bonused with a side of oh gee whiz.

Photo credit: DNAinfo/Della Hasselle


One thought on “Making Peace with Christmas Glee

  1. yeah there is many bad things that go on all year round.the christmas season is no exception.people will behave badly all year round no matter what we do.yeah some people suck. anyway i hope you dont have a bad christmas this year. i hope it brings you happy times.

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