Gingerbread House Happy

Last night we attempted a Martha Stewart and had a gingerbread house party. Crafty moments combined with people who couldn’t care less about having this happy seasonal fun is not something to be repeated often, just FYI.

But we tried. And though some houses turned into recreated scenes from Lord of the Rings chaos, it was a good, laughable time. Mine, however, has a pond. For ice skating. And, because we live in the land of fairies and Little Women, the trees are multi-colored and adorable and not proportionate to the house.
This activity was also a learning experience for Will, who didn’t know gingerbread houses were named such because they are [usually] made out of gingerbread. Meaning, he didn’t know gingerbread was an actual thing, though he does acknowledge the existence of gingerbread men. But he’s 20 and still young and doesn’t get out much so we’ll let this one go.

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