I’m Pretty Sure the Dog Is Gay

Guys, I’m pretty sure the dog is gay. Consider the following points as evidence:
  • In the above image, Weasley’s arms are crossed. I’d love to tell you it’s an owner-manipulated pose, but alas, this is a regular occurrence. Sometimes they cross when he’s biding his time. Occasionally they cross when he’s waiting for food. But mostly, that’s just how he sits.
  • Weasley has a daybed. Because he’s too prissy for normal dog behaviors, the daybed sits by the patio doors, providing optimum views of the gardens for his daydreaming pleasures. And because he’s just that much of a princess, there may or may not be palm fronds nearby. Cue half-naked men, please.
  • Weasley doesn’t eat off-the-shelf food. For this dog, there is no such thing as opening the bag, filling his bowl, and calling the dog “fed”. Rather, if you care to escape his pleads and begs, you’ll fix his food properly: topped with a warm mixture of diced chicken and a fabulous–but healthy–gravy. This is no joke.
  • Weasley’s pleads and begs aren’t the usual whine, bark, and flutter of the tail. Weasley twirls. Like a ballerina.
  • Weasley does not walk. He does not run. Weasley prances. Gracefully. Like a ballerina.

2 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure the Dog Is Gay

  1. he sounds like an adorable doggy.but his owners got him spoiled with the daybed and the chicken in a bowl. if you hadnt done that one you wouldnt have those issues

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