Narnia Moments

Hi, y’all. Happy Holidays y’all.

Over the happy Christmas weekend, I saw the new Narnia movie. Now let me tell you, I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. Because there were some funny parts. And some emotional parts. And all of it was just so fantastically made that I watched with amazement as moments of my childhood were flashing in my mind and before my eyes.
Which reminds me. I once mentioned having entered an essay contest, but I left out any and all details. But now here you go.
A couple of months ago, Focus on the Family announced an essay contest, the winner of which would receive a trip to London for the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If you know anything about me at all, you know I jumped on this contest faster than you could research the contest details. I didn’t win, but I have loved every moment of imagining what such a trip would be like. If you’ve never been to London, you must must must go. And I’ll go with you.
Here’s my essay, because I know you’re dying to read it:

My old backyard had a tree house. It balanced its fine, flat surface on the trunks and limbs of two strong oaks. It was nothing spectacular in its squareness, but to me, it was my entire world. Some days I was Laura Ingalls, before she became a Wilder and a parent and a boring adult. Other days I battled pirates and rescued orphans and cooked lavish feasts for kings and queens. On the best days, I was Lucy P., whose last name I couldn’t pronounce, but whose faith, courage, and loyalty I sought to have.

Lucy P. was a mighty warrior when she stepped through a wardrobe at her mere eight years. Lucy P. so badly believed that there was something right, something good, to fight for in the world. She found that rightness and goodness in Aslan and in her family. She learned to love, believe, and trust in a world where none of that seemed to exist.

Send me to London, to the premiere of a movie whose story built my character and gave me faith. Send me to London, where something I once pretended to be could be my reality, if only for a night.
If you’ve never read The Chronicles of Narnia, you need to. The books create a world where faith and beliefs are an everyday requirement. And if you’ve already read this series, good for you. Now go read them again and enjoy a few minutes with your imagination.

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