Saying Hello to 2011

happy new year!

Hi, loveys. Tomorrow is 2011. As is fitting, I’ve been doing some thinking about what the new year entails. While a lot of people make resolutions, I’ve made a list of things I’d like to do. Because I tend to break my resolutions and develop a guilt complex I insist on being different.
So, in 2011, I’d like the following to happen:
  • Complete my move to LA.
  • Become a citizen of LA.
  • Quit drinking coke diet coke carbonated beverages juice?
  • Organize the files on my MacBook.
  • Get a plant.
  • Repot the plant.
  • Keep the plant alive.
  • Read the books taking up space on shelf number two.
  • Be disgustingly happy.
What resolutions lists have you made for the new year?
Image taken from here.

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