Thoughts from Ashleigh

I stayed up late last night looking through eBay’s offerings of vintage copies of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I found one I thought was fantastic, but when I enlarged the image, I saw it had a typo: ‘fellowship’ was misspelled.

So I continued my search. The next posting had a misspelling as well. In fact, the more I surfed through the posts, the more I realized they all were misspelled. I found books with typos, people.

And then I did some thinking. It isn’t possible for all of these books to have typos, right? Right?


One thought on “Thoughts from Ashleigh

  1. maybe that is the way it was spelled on the cover originaly.could of been a printing typo for the cover kinda thing. so now all the originals have it. might want to google that to see if thats the fact

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