Spontaneity Kills the Hair

Guys and gals, I cut my hair. Like, more than just a trim. While this statement may give some of you an eye roll and cause you to quit reading this post, there are others of you out there who know how monumental this is.

I’d love to give you some major story with crazy details like my small-ish sibling attacked me with scissors in the nighttime because I hid his toys and and made him clean his room. But the brother wouldn’t attack me (nor would he obey me) and we don’t even live near each other so that’s just not a plausible story in any way.
The truth is, I just had a wild moment and made a hair appointment for a completely new ‘do. Take a looksie, if you wanna.
Anyone want an 11-inch ponytail? I’ve got one riding shotgun in my car. Holler at me if you do.

6 thoughts on “Spontaneity Kills the Hair

  1. Em! So cute! Drew showed me the picture you sent him yesterday and I couldn't believe it! It's awesome! (not that I thought it wouldn't be, i never thought you would cut it!!)

  2. Thanks, Em! I never thought I would cut it either. But that's what happens when I get wild and crazy. Christine, the weight loss is like, the best thing ever. Never thought there was a way to cheat the scales without having to exercise.Thanks, Michelle! I'm loving it too. :)Thanks, Danielle! I take that as a major compliment!

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