Parenthood: Mae Whitman Charms Our Socks Off (Again)

There’s not a new episode of Parenthood on tonight, which is so sad I might embark on a strike against Spring Break and ruin the lives of beach-going, bikini-clad teenagers everywhere. In their normal time slot, however, NBC is rerunning one of the best moments we’ve seen from the Braverman clan thus far: Amber overcomes her fears and shows us her song-writing talents and the Bravermans [mostly] all show their support.

For the Parenthood-obsessed, we all know that Mae Whitman is the one whose friendship you wish you’d grasped closely in high school and maintained throughout college and gratefully counted on when you could barely afford rent and food. She’s the one you wish you could hang out with foreva because her voice and her humor and her older-than-her-age wisdom are the answers to every single mood of your existence. (And yes, I’m fully aware I’m saying all of this based on conjecture because no, I don’t know Mae but yes, I’m pretty sure I’m still correct on this account.)
Back to the point. Tonight is a second chance for you, my readers. Should you dare to have missed Parenthood’s “Meet the New Boss” when it first aired in January, you get to watch it tonight. And you will love it. Because you will laugh. And cry. And giggle. And yell at one or more of the Bravermans. And become an emotional trainwreck, beginning at minute 39:15, when Amber questions her ability to take the stage and take a leap and Momma Sarah saves her courage and the day.
Also, for a little more Mae Whitman love, this gal is killer-hilarious. As in, her hashtags will kick your hashtags’ butts to the curb and back. Examples? Um, OK, duh. Here are a few of her latest and greatest:
For more of Her Funnyness, follow Mae on Twitter. And watch Parenthood, Tuesday nights at 10/9 central on NBC.

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