I have a new column.

Ohai, guiz. (Sorry, can’t do it.)

Hello, humanity. (And bots! Hi to you, too!)

So here’s the skinny: someone has given me a platform on another site to express my words of wisdom. Read: I have a new column on an awesome new website and you. should. check. it. out.

The site is called Wonderly. It’s a site by girls for girls, and it focuses on empowering, creating, collaborating, awesome-ing. Its main medium is online video, but all content, blogs, vlogs, images, etc., is an outlet for discussion on politics, relationships, pop culture, careers, books, you name it.

My column is called “Emmy Benson Finds Success,” wherein each post will chronicle my pursuit of success as a writer. It’s fun for me, and will be fun for you too, I promise.

Here’s the link to the post. Read it. Also, follow Wonderly on Twitter: @wearewonderly.





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